Branding Methods

Some things you just remember… but do you realize how much thought, money, and effort that went into making something “effortless” to remember?


Be different but not stupid!  It seems that some companies have gone overboard in the stupidity department.  Most often it’s under the guise of being different.  Branding can be different by simply pointing out what makes your product or service different from your competitors.  What is it exactly about your product or service that is different?  Why is your product or service better?  Include those benefits in your brand.  It’s really that simple.  If your product is cheaper than all your competitors then brand your company on price or value.  If your product is safer, focus on a brand that demonstrates safety.  Whatever you do, don’t focus totally on being memorable… Remember in the 80’s when Subaru wanted their commercials to be remembered so they created commercials with “Joe Liar”?  They were extremely memorable, but they had the unintended consequence of people associating Subaru with liars.  The commercial was a huge success but car sales took a nose dive!

Branding CATCHY!

Being Catchy can be the most difficult task in branding your product or service.  Being catchy begins with the naming of your company, product, or service.  Some things you just remember… but do you realize how much thought, money, and effort that went into making something “effortless” to remember?  Think about names like Twitter, Viagra, Picasa, and Google… all of these are relatively new companies, products, or services (within the last 15 years), yet they all evoke emotion and memorability.  At, we spend thousands of hours each year helping clients become “catchy”.  It’s what we do!  From choosing an available domain to designing the perfect logo, this is our niche!

Branding SIMPLE!

KISS… still applies!


Once you take a direction, stick with it!  Coca Cola almost killed themselves in the early 2000’s by changing the color of their can.  What were they thinking?  O’Charlie’s Restaurants has recently done the same thing.  They might as well be a new start-up!  They just threw away hundred of thousands of dollars spent in brand recognition over the last 20 years.  Think about the most successful franchise in business history… McDonald’s.  Seen any changes to those “golden arches”?  NEVER!  If it ain’t broke… don’t fix it!  Stick with the plan and be consistent.


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