Google Page Ranking

How can I get to page 1 on Google?  What is Google page ranking?  If I had a nickel for every time I’ve been asked that question, I wouldn’t have to work anymore!

The question proves that the general public’s understanding of the various search engines and their processes is still in the dark ages.  My answer is always the same: For what keyword or key phrase?  A site doesn’t just rise to the number 1 position for every Google search term.

Think about it… If you were searching for a used car and entered the term “used cars” in the Google search bar, would you keep using Google if all that came up were websites selling life insurance?  You have to be specific!  What search term or phrase do your customers use when they are searching for your product or service?  Those terms and phrases are where you want your site to “rank” for.

That’s what good SEO does.  It provides your site with quality content that will be recognized by the search engines as a “great” answer to the search request.  Remember, Google, Bing, and Yahoo are in the business of providing you with the best possible answers to your questions.  That’s what keeps you coming back.  It’s their job to determine if your site commands top position for any certain search term or phrase.

There are not shortcuts!  Provide quality content and customers will find you.  It’s the business model of capitalism and it works every time!

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