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This Google SEO thing

Okay… so I’m back on this Google SEO thing.  All search engines have their own algorithms they use to determine what is the most relevant answer to the search a user requested.  It’s interesting to me that Yahoo and Bing are almost always 2 steps behind Google.  For instance… I’m working with one of my clients on SEO for his website;  and I’m using strategies that worked with Google just 1 month ago.  We chose the domain name based on a highly searched (for its category) keyword phrase knowing that gives you an automatic advantage.  It generally only takes a few days to get to the top of an exact match keyword if your domain name is an exact match.  Not anymore with Google.  We’re page #1, Organic spot #1 with Yahoo and Bing , but not with Google.  We’re still languishing on page 3 with Google.  They changed the algorithm once again!

If you want to gain the number one position for a keyword or key phrase with Google, you have to think like Google.  So what is their logic?  Really, it’s not that difficult.  Their goal is to provide the end user with the most relevant answer to the search.  So what would someone be searching for that typed in “adirondack mountain rentals” in the search bar?  A cabin to rent in the Adirondack Mountains!  So we gear our content to make sure it carefully explains that we are promoting cabins and cottages for rent in the Adirondack Mountains.  We say it with every page and every blog post.  We make sure Google knows by searching our content that we are all about cabins for rent in the Adirondack Mountains!  That’s how you do search engine optimization!

I know I’m making sound quite simple and it is.  The difficult part to good SEO is making sure you speak like a robot (the tools Google uses to search your site).  Your content has to appeal to both man and machine.  That’s the hard part.  Tags, focus keywords, titles, meta descriptions, etc.  Those are the things that you need us for.

If you have a great website already but just can’t seem to get found, call us or email us.  We are SEO experts… we can get you there!