Waco Hyundai

Combined E-Commerce and Infomercial Web Design…

The folks at Waco Hyundai wanted a site to showcase their inventory of new and used vehicles.  Hyundai corporation had a strict set of standards to follow for uniformity and design.  We were able to put it all together into a nice package.  We even picked up the domain for them from a fellow domainer!

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Adams Construction

Showcase Style Webdesign…

Danny Adams Sr. wanted a site featuring extensive photo galleries, customer testimonials, and a complex back end “job scheduler” that would be interactive with current clients.  As is the case with many “old school” builders, Mr. Adams had NO domain, NO logo, NO website, and NO idea how all of this would work!  He knew he was losing business to competitors that were online and he knew he had to move into this arena.  The yellow pages just weren’t paying off anymore.

Click on the picture and check out his site!  If you want to see the back end, you’ll need to let Adams Construction do some work for you… it works awesome.


Cope Brothers Concrete

Informative, Brochure type Web Design…

The cope brothers know concrete!  There name is well known throughout the Nashville, TN. area but customers were starting to complain that they couldn’t find them on the internet.  It wasn’t long before they realized it was time for a simple web presence.  They hired us at Nameowners.com to keep it simple and affordable.  As Nashville’s premier web designer, we did just that.

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Petitt HVAC

Complex Back-end with an Extremely Customer Friendly Front-end…

Mike Petitt with Petitt Heating and Cooling was one of our first customers.  He has been one of our greatest advocates.  Mike needed a design that would bring in new customers and help him keep them.  At Nameowners, we worked hard to provide a back-end CRM system that was invisible to his clients.  It’s worked great!

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Emergency Restoration

Simple Informative Web Design…

Nameowners.com helped ERC get their website started and they took it from there.  We take pride in educating customers that wish to take on the responsibility of maintenance and design updates once the initial site has been established.  They’ve done a great job with it!

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