Domain Names

Domains – It’s all in the Name!

The name of our company is … There’s a reason for that.  Domains are property just like the property where you do business.  Domains have an address… an IP address.  The domain name is nothing more than building sitting on the property (your IP address).  Just like a business property, some have more value than others.  Some are cheap, some are expensive.  It all depends on the location!

At we specialize in helping business people find the best internet property for their business.  It all begins with the location… the domain!  We do not charge for this service because we make our money helping you build on that property!  Below are links to websites that we use constantly to help people find good domain names for their business.  We also sell a few of our own domains!

As a general rule we stay away from the large auction houses for domain names like GoDaddy and Sedo.  Those markets are simply to crowded.  Snapnames is also turning into a shopping mall for uneducated buyers.  If you are looking for a great domain… let us help you.  It’s FREE!


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