What is Domaining?


What is it?

There are volumes written on the topic of combining.  I think it’s interesting that the spellchecker program on WordPress still does not recognize the word as a valid word.  You have to add it to the dictionary every time you set up a new site.  The occupation has been around since the internet began and yes, it is an occupation.  Anyone that has ever tried their hand at combining can vouch that it is hard work.  

So what exactly is combining?  In short… it is the process of buying and selling domain names.  It’s speculating on Virtual Property.  Every domain name is a visual display of your websites physical location on the web.  It would be very difficult to remember that Google was located at  





So what exactly is domaining?  In short… it’s the process of buying and selling domain names.  It’s speculating on Virtual Property.  Every domain name name is a visual display of your websites virtual location.  It would be very difficult to remember that Google was located at (the actual IP address…If you type those numbers into the address bar of your browser, you will see that it resolves to Google.) so they made up a name to represent that address.  The names however are limited due to the ability of humans to remember them.  We can usually remember dictionary names, or names that have been driven into our memory by advertising, but we soon forget names that are unusual, misspelled, or just don’t quite make sense.  In a sense, it’s exactly like Real Estate.  You know exactly where the nearest McDonald’s is because chances are good it’s in a highly visible location with a lot of traffic.  What if… just to save money… McDonald’s had decided to locate their business out in the middle of nowhere.  Do you think their business model would have been as successful?  Doubtful!  They knew they would have to spend money advertising.  They could either spend it upfront by purchasing a high traffic location or they could spend smaller amounts continuously forever trying to bring people to their remote location.

When searching for a domain you must realize some things.  All the high traffic names are taken.  There is no more beachfront property to stake your claim on!  You must pay for a good location or pay to advertise one that’s not so hot.  Domainers constantly search for the deals and then resell those properties at a premium.  It’s a risky business at times just as Real Estate speculation can be.  If you want to keep up with some of the latest domain name sales simply visit www.DNjournal.comon a regular basis.  It can be very eye opening!

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