A Thought…

A Thought Just Occurred to Me

Problem is… it’s gone now.

I decided to add this section called Website Ideas to our company site at Nameowners.com because my mind NEVER stops working.  I am constantly coming up with cool website ideas so rather than hoard them to myself, I’m going to start sharing them with you.  Maybe one of our clients will take one of these ideas and allow us to make it happen for them.  We don’t DO business… our business is to help you DO business!

So what was my latest idea really?  How about this:

Non profit organizations are just that… “non-profit”.  That doesn’t mean that the folks involved can’t make a pretty good living while at the same time helping someone in need.  How about a website entitled “Man of The House”.  Set it up as a 501-c-3 organization and enlist an army of husbands to lend a hand.  The beneficiaries of the company would be ladies whose husbands have been deployed in the military.  The organization would provide free labor to women whose husbands or boyfriends are gone just as though that capable person were still there.  I know it sounds kind of sexist but I don’t know any young mother that would not appreciate her yard being mowed or the plumbing being repaired just as though her husband were there.  Someone needs to take this and run with it!