What is SEO?

SEO Perfect CompanyWhat is SEO?

Everybody’s selling it… but what the heck is it?  If only folks would read this, a my fingers would probably begin to heal from the aches I get from explaining this simple acronym!  Search Engine Optimization.  In simple terms, it is the science of making the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) recognize your site for what it is.

Computer algorithms, not people, determine the content of your site.  Google has “Bot’s” that crawl through your site (provided you have allowed it) looking for relevant content to search requests from users.  Let’s assume you are an authority on kayaks.  In your site, you are constantly writing and referring to canoe’s, however, instead of kayaks.  How is Google supposed to know that your site is not about canoe’s?  Not only that, but when Google sends someone to your site looking for information on canoe’s, they don’t stay long because your site has nothing to do with canoe’s.  See the delimma?  Do you think Google will  freely promote your site as an authority on kayaks or canoe’s?  Probably not!

Good SEO simply is aware that these “bots” are not people and constantly monitors the content of a site to make sure the “bots” know what your site is all about.  Quality SEO also provides excellent content that keeps folks coming back.  That is a direct clue to Google that it made the right choice by choosing your site as the correct answer to a customers search.


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