Great Web Design

So what exactly makes GREAT web design?  There are 3 elements:

1.  The “Grab” element.  You have less than 3 seconds to “grab” someones attention when they land on your site.  If your landing page is too informational or boring… forget about it!  If the design doesn’t fit the site or is too overwhelming… once again, you’ve lost them.  In all my years of searching the web, I’ve only run across a handful of sites that had the “grab” factor.  Great web design begins with serious thought given to the purpose of the site and the immediate reaction that will ensue.

2.  The “Answer” element.  Does your site provide a short, immediate answer to the search?  I don’t want to dig through link after link trying to find what I was originally looking for.  Neither does anyone else!  The thing that amazes me most about web designers today is how often this simple element is overlooked.  If your website is about your vacation rental, make the pictures and the price apparent immediately.  After all… isn’t that what the potential renter is looking for?  If your site is designed to promote your business as a Tile contractor, don’t make the customer dig through your site to find pictures of your work and prices you charge.  Give them the answers immediately!

3.  The “Contact” element.  Great web design lets the potential client or customer quickly see how to contact you.  Is your phone number quickly visible?  Maybe you don’t want the phone number plastered over the internet… If that’s the case, can they find a quick, short, and concise “Contact Us” form to complete and get information quickly?

These are 3 simple elements to great web design.  At, we can make that happen for you!