Web Design – Nashville Style

Web Design Nashville Style

Demands for web design vary greatly from business to business… at Nameowners.com, we do it Nashville Style!  For most businesses, it’s simply an interactive yellow page ad.  The website needs to be a graphic display of what the company is all about as well as a showcase for their products or services.  For other companies, the website is a place they do business.  Demands are far greater with database requirements, customer support modules, and the list goes on…

At NameOwners.com we do it all!  We are the new kid on the block with years of experience and knowledge.  Our philosophy is to keep things current, trendy, and unique.  Many of our design projects are cutting edge technology utilizing mobile, web 2.0, and html5 coding techniques.

Where Does Web Design Begin?

We get this question often.  Without a specific blueprint, your website is doomed to failure from the start.  Ask questions.  Who is my target audience?  What do we hope to achieve with this website?  Are we going to sell products through our site or simply draw customers in to our sales department?  What does our competitions’ site look like?  What impression does their site give?  How do we want our site to be different?  At NameOwners.com we have a 50 question survey that covers these issues as well as future plans and goals for your web design.

Don’t Over Design

Once a potential client finds your site, you have less than 3 seconds to make him/her stay.  3 seconds!  A cluttered front page will quickly drive them away.  Interestingly enough, when Google first started, they watched people’s reactions as they visited the site.  Most people just sat there and did nothing.  When asked what the problem was, people responded that they were waiting on the rest of the page to “load”.  That was the norm back then.  A “homepage” typically took 30 seconds or more to “fill the page”.  Google authored FAST!  Their landing page is simple and uncluttered.  It has served them well.  Don’t worry though… if you are unsure of how to do this… we can help!  Great websites begin with great web designers.

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