Cope Brothers Concrete

Informative, Brochure type Web Design…

The cope brothers know concrete!  There name is well known throughout the Nashville, TN. area but customers were starting to complain that they couldn’t find them on the internet.  It wasn’t long before they realized it was time for a simple web presence.  They hired us at to keep it simple and affordable.  As Nashville’s premier web designer, we did just that.

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Petitt HVAC

Complex Back-end with an Extremely Customer Friendly Front-end…

Mike Petitt with Petitt Heating and Cooling was one of our first customers.  He has been one of our greatest advocates.  Mike needed a design that would bring in new customers and help him keep them.  At Nameowners, we worked hard to provide a back-end CRM system that was invisible to his clients.  It’s worked great!

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Emergency Restoration

Simple Informative Web Design… helped ERC get their website started and they took it from there.  We take pride in educating customers that wish to take on the responsibility of maintenance and design updates once the initial site has been established.  They’ve done a great job with it!

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Branding Your Business

Business Branding… What is it?

“In mMHfrontpagearketing, branding your business refers to the physical representation and consistent application of brand identity across visual and verbal media. In visual terms, this can include signage, uniforms, liveries, interior design and branded merchandise. Brand implementation encompasses facets of architecture, product design, industrial design, quantity surveying, engineering, procurement, project management and retail design.

Branding your business means the continuous and consistent application of the brand’s image in all business units, communication channels and media.

This refers to marketing and branding as a unified whole. In that respect, brand implementation is a continuous process, which requires controlling the brand’s image and presence despite changes in markets and company structure.”

The above explanation is Wikipedia’s definition.  At we fully agree with the above statements but feel it neccessary to expand on one key area that seems to be overlooked by Wikipedia…



What should good SEO cost?

Frequently I’m asked the question… “How much does it cost for you to perform quality SEO on my website?”  My answer… Good SEO should never “cost” you anything!  It should make you money.

Trying to think like a customer is the biggest obstacle that most business people have to overcome and get it right.  You have to know the value of a customer in terms of revenue and long term profit.  It doesn’t make sense to spend $10,000 to drive your site to the top for a certain keyword if the number of customers times net profit does not equal at least double that amount.

For instance… If  your company sells hand made wooden Adirondack Chairs, and your net profit on each chair sold is $30.  Your market is the United States.  The “exact” search volume for the term “Adirondack Chairs” is 22,200 per month.  The competition for this search term is “High” so it would take a minimum of 24 months of continuous blogging, linking, and analytics to drive your site to the 1st of 2nd organic position for that search term.  Say the cost for such an endeavor would be $24,000.  Now let’s say that your site achieves PR1 ranking and holds the 2nd position.  According to statistics, you will receive roughly 25% of those searching so approximately 5000 potential customers would click on your site each month.  Also, let’s assume that your Adirondack chairs are high quality at a value price so your sales “closing” ratio from the site is roughly 3%.  That means that you could expect to sell approximately 150 chairs per month from your site.  If my math is correct, total net profit would be $4,500.  How long would it take to recoup the 24k invested in SEO?  Less than 6 months!  By anyone’s standards, that’s a good investment!

Do the math.  Determine the value of traffic and customers.  Then make your decisions as to whether SEO for those keywords are worth the effort.

Google Page Ranking

How can I get to page 1 on Google?  What is Google page ranking?  If I had a nickel for every time I’ve been asked that question, I wouldn’t have to work anymore!

The question proves that the general public’s understanding of the various search engines and their processes is still in the dark ages.  My answer is always the same: For what keyword or key phrase?  A site doesn’t just rise to the number 1 position for every Google search term.

Think about it… If you were searching for a used car and entered the term “used cars” in the Google search bar, would you keep using Google if all that came up were websites selling life insurance?  You have to be specific!  What search term or phrase do your customers use when they are searching for your product or service?  Those terms and phrases are where you want your site to “rank” for.

That’s what good SEO does.  It provides your site with quality content that will be recognized by the search engines as a “great” answer to the search request.  Remember, Google, Bing, and Yahoo are in the business of providing you with the best possible answers to your questions.  That’s what keeps you coming back.  It’s their job to determine if your site commands top position for any certain search term or phrase.

There are not shortcuts!  Provide quality content and customers will find you.  It’s the business model of capitalism and it works every time!

Where am I on Google Search?

There are 2 options here… go to the Google search bar and type in your search term or phrase and then go from one page to the next and try and find your site.  If your site is in the top 10 pages, no big deal.  Understand though that if your site is not on the 1st page, the chances of your site being found for that search term is slim to none and slim done left town!  If your site isn’t on page 1 and one of the 1st 3 choices, your site probably won’t get many visits either.

The second option is to try this tool:

I have found this tool to be very helpful.  Don’t use it too much however, Google is watching you!